Thursday, January 2, 2003

Report on INS Demonstration on December 27

Over 50 people demonstrated at the Phoenix INS building in late December to express their anger at the racist terrorism of the government's recent detentions, harassment, and forced registration of Arab, Persian, and Muslim men and boys in Los Angeles. Members of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Phoenix Anarchist Coalition (PAC) and the Arizona Alliance for Peaceful Justice attended the rally along with other concerned individuals.

Demonstrators marched south from the INS building on Central to McDowell to spread out and cover the four street corners with signs, posters, and banners. The Phoenix PD's political police were in tow
as usual, with two cops following the march, and three others standing across the street observing the participants.

The demo ended without any trouble from the cops, even though they had a line of INS cops lind up outside of the building. The demo was organized in only a few days and brought muslims, arabs, anarchists, and anti-war activists to oppose the racist, fascist scare tactics of the INS and the US government, we need to continue to be in the streets opposing the rich and powerful and fighting for freedom.


Anarchists Against War and Terror