Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Not Quite Justice For Phoenix May Day 10

by bill krist
6:16pm Tue Nov 27 '01

After seven months and many pretrial hearings; "May Day 10" walk.

After two of the May Day 10 defendants were found not guilty by directed verdicts, charges of 'obstructing traffic' were dismissed against the remaining activists.

One defendant was found guilty of 'interfering with a po-lice officer' for trying to un-arrest one of those unjustly detained, and sentenced to no fine and time served.

Videos taken by the police and activists clearly showed that any traffic obstruction was done by the Phoenix po-lice. Po-lice video, it was revealed under oath; was taken by the Phoenix 'organized crime' unit. It was missing 3 minutes of action shot on West Van Buren.

Also, Lt. Crockett of the testified that the Feds had asked for specific intelligence on certain of the activists.

Lt. Crockett also testified that though he was in command, he had no idea how many officers were under his command, that he could not identify the defendants and that they were obstructing traffic EVEN THOUGH THEY HAD THE RIGHT OF WAY!

Lt. Crockett stated repeatedly that he gave three warnings to stay off the street using the bullhorn in his car; but the video tapes picked up no warnings. Arresting officers Shaw and Wirth testified that though on the scene, they heard no warnings.

So after seven months of pre-trial hearings, dismissal of 'failure to obey' charges in June, a bunch o' missed hours at work, a night in jail and grief and worry; the defendants are free.

See: The system works.

Solidarity- bill

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