Monday, September 1, 2008

McKinley Assassination Celebration!!!

Everyone is invited to celebrate the 107th anniversary of William McKinley's assassination on Saturday, September 6th!

There will be kickball and a potluck at Mitchel Park, in Tempe, at 4:30 pm. Bring some food and lets have a good fucking time!
(bring friends)

William McKinley was the 25th president of the United states, from 1897 to 1901. McKinley was a dirty capitalist who "hoped to make American producers supreme in world markets". One of the ways he did this was to push the annexation of Hawaii in 1897. He hoped to americanize it and establish a naval base. McKinley's ties to capitalism are also seen in his appointments; he made John George Alexander Leishman, president of Carnegie Steel, the minister to Switzerland and Turkey.

Two wars were fought while he was in office, the Spanish-American war and the Philippine-American war, which resulted in the death of almost 300,000 people.

He was shot twice by Leon Czolgosz, an anarchist. Czolgosz acted alone and is quoted as saying, "I killed President McKinley because I done my duty. I didn't believe one man should have so much service and another man should have none.". He was sentenced to death.

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